This has been the most-read post in my other blog in the past quarter

Sooo, a close friend mentioned to me tonight that there is a “nudist beach” near her house, which got me to thinking: Is it “nudist beach” or “naturist beach”?

OK, that is not what I thought about at first. My first thought was: I would like to go, bare it all, sunbathe, swim and, umm, hang out with other enthusiasts. I am a liberated soul in more ways than one, and I have never experienced this. And, no, I don’t have any unrealistic expectations: I know this is not a swinger-club setting, not that I have even been to one of those, either. (Sheesh, it sounds like I just got out of a convent, yes?) This is about enjoying Mother Nature in my birthday suit, i.e. au naturel . . .

OK, then I thought about the labels mentioned in the opening paragraph. I’m pretty sure both labels apply. Then there are “clothing-optional beaches,” which are not quite the same, I think. (Correct me if I am wrong, please.)

It will be awhile before summer is here, so I will have plenty of time to do some research.

Will keep you posted.