Private Nudism vs. Public Nudism

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When I first saw the title How to Practise Nudism in Your Room With No One Knowing on a WikiHow site, I thought it might be a satire of some sort. But, no, it is a very simple introduction to nudism done in the privacy of your own room. OK, it might seem rather obvious to some people, but, hey, maybe somebody wouldn’t have thought to close the blinds at night so passersby or neighbours wouldn’t be peeping in, for example.

It got me to thinking: I regularly practise nudism at home, especially during the hot summer months when I spend much of my time in the buff, doing pretty much the same things I would do if I were clothed. Because I live in the country and can’t see, or be seen by, neighbours, I can and do sit out on the deck or by the lake in the buff. So, I guess I have been a nudist all along — a nudist in private, anyway. And, yes, it feels great not to have clothes clinging to me. But I haven’t taken part in naturism/nudism in such public settings as a beach or naturism park — which I intend to do this summer to get an idea of why so many people are interested in baring it all with other naturists, and to have the naturism experience.

But I thought it would be a good idea to see if WikiHow has an article on how to practice nudism in a public setting, and sure enough, it does: How to Become a Naturist. Again, there is nothing there that really enlightened me, perhaps because so many people have contacted me and given me good advice since I started exploring this subject. But this particular WikiHow article has plenty of fun related links, like How to Body Paint a Bikini. I guess all these articles serve as a simple introduction for the absolute novice, somebody just dipping their little toe into the proverbial water before they start exploring the major naturist sites. But, hey, I would never have thought to body paint a bikini. That might be fun!

Still, despite all I have researched and written about this subject, I’m not quite sure about the benefits of public nudism, i.e. with absolute strangers. I’d love to hear from my readers about this particular angle: What are the benefits to you of nudism in public settings with other like-minded people? Is it a social thing for you? Or might it be simply a matter of convenience, i.e. you want to do it outdoors and have no other options but nudist resorts and beaches and pools?



11 thoughts on “Private Nudism vs. Public Nudism

  1. There are all types of nudism, everyone enjoys different things and has different comfort levels.

    Nudist resorts are a great way to socialize and enjoy the outdoors and activities like; volleyball, swimming etc. without the restriction of clothing.
    It is a lot of fun and there is nothing sexual about it. Just like camping at a regular campground but without clothes.


  2. I have been a naturist since a child,and what I enjoy is private naturism and public naturism too,sometimes its nice to be in privacy and to escape.But also on a public level,I think nudity might seem negative firstly tot he general public,but I think the end result would be a positive one worldwide,and opening the boundaries more,gone are the days with the high fences and where the public society make us out to be up to no good,when all we are doing is de stressing in a complete healthy way. I do think much more can be done,if we all stand out up and shout aloud,and get heard can be done,if we are as one.. AC


  3. I only use clothes at home when I need them (not to have a shower, not to sleep…), so I may also be considered a “home nudist”. I don’t have any special reason for it, it is just more convenient.
    I apply the same philosophy outdoors. I can’t see how a swimsuit can be useful for swimming or sunbathing, it is more pleasant when you are naked! But I don’t really like nudist-only places, I feel more freedom on clothes-optional beaches, which, by the way, are usually on the most beautiful locations.


  4. We walk the long beaches on Fuerteventura which being part of Spain has no law prohibiting nudity. It is a great feeling to feel so free. You will meet many other nudists here who “freehike” the beaches and the volcanic hills too. We stay at hotels that have nudist zones that are very friendly and relaxing. This is a great place to try public nudity.


  5. I have been a naturist for most of my life. Whenever I sunbathe or swim in the nude it makes me realise just how liberating it is. Like many, most of my early nude experiences were in private, but social nudism is the natural progression and has brought us many lasting friendships.


  6. I would would rather visit a resort to participate in recreational,communal naturist activities.
    There are two local beaches traditionally nudist, but I am not to keen on going only to be gawker bait or deal with rowdy drunken party people.So,I might go but more probably will remain home with naturism for now.
    Nice blog!


  7. I had been a closet nudist throughout my childhood and teens, but “came out” to my friends during the Woodstock era, as did many of my friends, when being naked was part of the Hippie/Flower Child agenda. Too bad that mindset went away along with the “Age of Aquarius”. Having a small pool in my semi secluded backyard, my friends and I were able to frolic naked in and out of the pool. Eventually, these activities made their way from the yard to the inside of the house when Mom was away every weekend visiting my sister, and a social indoor nudist lifestyle was born. I officially announced to my friends that I was a nudist and they would find me naked most of the time if they chose to keep company with me. Some of them would join me without clothes and others would remain dressed, but either way, I was always nude. As long as I had the yard and understanding friends, nudist life was good, until my Mom sold the house and I was forced to move. The nudity didn’t end, it just became limited to indoor get-togethers with a few friends who were still around. It became harder to be a nudist,,,,I went to a nude beach a few times but was never really into the nudist resort idea. Eventually I moved out of state for work and most of my friends had moved or gone their separate ways too. I never did make any new nudist friends in my new location and I’m not near any nude beaches or nude groups, so now I’m limited to nudism around the house. Even that is limited since my wife is not a nudist, and even though she “tolerates” my nudity, I can only practice it when the kids are in school or have gone to bed. There’s a big difference from the old days, and I’m not real happy about it.


    1. There are places to be nude, if that is what you are looking for. They are not necessarily advertised to the mainstream public, but you can find them if you know what to look for.
      One place with a more sexual connotation is the kink community… kink groups tend to be very nudist-friendly.
      Other non-sexual places to go are clothing-optional festivals. You said “That mindset has gone away”, but they are around, different types in different places. Many Pagan festivals are clothing-optional, and it depends on the festival, but many of those are open to people of whatever spiritual leaning. There are also various hippie-type festivals and art festivals that are clothing-optional, like the Rainbow Gathering and Burning Man, and various regional Burning-Man-like festivals. There are probably also others I have never heard of. So if you know where to go, yes you can find these places where nobody will bat an eye if you are partially or fully naked, especially if you are willing to camp. You can probably search online to find others.


  8. In various times in my past, I have been with groups of people who had a culture of being naked at certain times, and not in a sexual way. Which, I did get naked in those groups, when it was part of the culture, although it took me a while to get up the nerve to do so.
    And I have been to various clothing-optional festivals. I’m pretty used to being in a group of people having a conversation, where some of the people are fully clothed, some are partially clothed, and some are naked, and some of the people are strangers.
    I’ve only had the courage to get partially naked around a mixed group of close friends and strangers a couple of times outside at one of those festivals, and the experience was really good. There is something about being naked outside, that is very freeing and special.
    I had slept naked for years, and had done some stuff in the nude (like staying nude and reading a book after I had just showered at night, etc.), but it has only been recently that I have started doing anything along the lines of “nudism”… on a semi-regular basis. I don’t know I don’t really like that word. I don’t really like “isms”. It seems like making too much of it or something.
    In the last 6 mos or so, I noticed myself wearing fewer and fewer clothes when I relaxed, and then I started just being naked when I *really* wanted to relax. Like relaxing with clothes on is good. But relaxing with no clothes on is even better…. It’s more relaxing. Like taking things to the next level.
    I don’t do it all day, but it is really nice to at least have some time every day to just be without clothes. It has gotten regular enough that I have started thinking that I am a private nudist, which still seems strange to me and is what caused me to search around online and find this blog.
    I don’t think I feel comfortable enough just yet to be naked around other people unless it is part of the ‘culture’ like I mentioned above… I don’t know. But being outside with no clothes on is definitely great so who knows what I may aspire to at some point.


  9. I would be exactly like this myself Jillian if I lived alone. Sadly, my spouse is not a free. However, when we are together watching TV in her bedroom, I am generally nude, and often I have the house to myself (I work from home, I will work or do choses nude. It just feels better to me, seems more wholesome? AND who would clean a bathroom with clothes on??? {giggle}

    Anyway, I would like to explore the possibility of naturalist recreation, and my spouse is fine with me doing this, but prefers not to join me.


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