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When I first saw the title How to Practise Nudism in Your Room With No One Knowing on a WikiHow site, I thought it might be a satire of some sort. But, no, it is a very simple introduction to nudism done in the privacy of your own room. OK, it might seem rather obvious to some people, but, hey, maybe somebody wouldn’t have thought to close the blinds at night so passersby or neighbours wouldn’t be peeping in, for example.

It got me to thinking: I regularly practise nudism at home, especially during the hot summer months when I spend much of my time in the buff, doing pretty much the same things I would do if I were clothed. Because I live in the country and can’t see, or be seen by, neighbours, I can and do sit out on the deck or by the lake in the buff. So, I guess I have been a nudist all along — a nudist in private, anyway. And, yes, it feels great not to have clothes clinging to me. But I haven’t taken part in naturism/nudism in such public settings as a beach or naturism park — which I intend to do this summer to get an idea of why so many people are interested in baring it all with other naturists, and to have the naturism experience.

But I thought it would be a good idea to see if WikiHow has an article on how to practice nudism in a public setting, and sure enough, it does: How to Become a Naturist. Again, there is nothing there that really enlightened me, perhaps because so many people have contacted me and given me good advice since I started exploring this subject. But this particular WikiHow article has plenty of fun related links, like How to Body Paint a Bikini. I guess all these articles serve as a simple introduction for the absolute novice, somebody just dipping their little toe into the proverbial water before they start exploring the major naturist sites. But, hey, I would never have thought to body paint a bikini. That might be fun!

Still, despite all I have researched and written about this subject, I’m not quite sure about the benefits of public nudism, i.e. with absolute strangers. I’d love to hear from my readers about this particular angle: What are the benefits to you of nudism in public settings with other like-minded people? Is it a social thing for you? Or might it be simply a matter of convenience, i.e. you want to do it outdoors and have no other options but nudist resorts and beaches and pools?