Another very popular series of posts on my Gazette blog has been about men who like to wear pantyhose. Here is one of the latest in that series, published on April 10, 2013.

There is no law that I know of that says a man who wears pantyhose must identify as a transgender person or a transsexual person or a woman. And long-time readers of this blog know that a lot of men wear pantyhose, and they do not identify as trans people or women. They don’t identify as cross-dressers, either, and it would be an insult to them to label them as such. They are simply men who like to wear pantyhose. We might all be surprised if we knew just how many guys are wearing pantyhose underneath their pants to work everyday. And why shouldn’t they?

I wonder how many of those guys would wear skirts with those pantyhose to work — if they had the same freedom in clothes presentation that women have. Sadly, men have fewer rights when it comes to clothes. But is the growing popularity of transgenderism helping their cause, or hurting it? Are we getting to the point in Western society at which men who identify as men have to declare themselves to be trans in order to dress in more traditionally feminine garb?

I’d like to hear from the guys who are wearing pantyhose — so many of you have written to me in the past and have had your comments posted in this blog. You are invited now to carry the discussion forward. What say you in response to the questions posed here?