Nudism/Naturism Wear: The Saress

Sigh . . . It’s back to pantyhose and other cover-ups for a few days at least as the temperature in these parts has plummeted from the mid-70sF to about 50F. It’s grey and rainy — not bare-legs weather, that’s for sure.

Still, my g/f and I came across — and purchased — an interesting item in a boutique today, something that I’ll be wearing (briefly) in my outings to and from nudist/naturist settings this summer: it’s called The Saress, and is billed as “The ultimate sarong replacement beach coverup. The Saress was born of the need to create & design a flattering solution to the dated, difficult, awkward sarong which we have never felt confident in.”

I do feel confident in The Saress. What I love about it is that it has shoulder straps, so there is no danger of it slipping off. One simply wraps it around from behind and slips the straps over opposite shoulders (you can see a demonstration on their website). There are several pretty designs — I went with an African look, because it was half price and, hey, let’s face it: I won’t be wearing it often, so there is not much point in spending a lot. It ain’t workwear . . .

So, even if the weather sucks this weekend, I’m thinking about sunny days at the naturism beach. I’ll keep the Saress handy and slip into it whenever I must cover up.

P.S. I know the title of this post seems contradictory, ie. Nudism Wear. lol. But one does have to cover up en route to and from the beach or other naturism settings. And there are some resorts, from what I have read, that allow nudism in some areas, but not in other areas. So, the Saress (or a sarong) is a solution for quick cover-ups — whether you’re naked underneath or in a bikini.

Have a great weekend!


5 thoughts on “Nudism/Naturism Wear: The Saress

  1. I’m a naturist, and I’m also keen on the idea of men being able to wear skirts. The latter interest came from wearing a sarong as a quick cover up on naturist walks. After doing one or two I realized that that trying to put on shorts in a hurry, especially with muddy boots wasn’t a good idea. Hence the idea of using a sarong.

    From the sarong came the idea of a simple homemade wrap around skirt secured with press studs. I found that skirts were very comfortable to wear, and I now have a number of utility style kilts, as well as several more (homemade) wrap around skirts.


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