As I watch and hear and smell and feel the forest coming back to life in my area after a long winter, I am having a very difficult time taking reports seriously of a planned one-way human expedition to, and colonization of, Mars, let alone the fact that some 78,000 people have supposedly applied to go. I mean, why would anybody want to forever leave this vibrant, beautiful blue planet for a cold, barren has-been lump of rock? Mars is not even a nice place to visit, let alone colonize. I also fear for any human child born on Mars and never knowing Mother Earth. That would be a crime, in my view.

Sorry, but I think it is a dumb idea and a colossal waste of time and resources. Perhaps the applicants who aren’t accepted for the sacrificial one-way mission to Mars might be persuaded to work toward making our Earth colonies better places.

File this under: Honestly! Get Real, Folks!