How sad that 66 percent of LGBT people in Europe are afraid to hold hands in public with their partner. That’s just one of the stats in a new survey of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people there. Other stats: 25 percent have been threatened with violence in the last five years; almost half reported they encountered discrimination; and 80 percent of LGBT youths faced bullying and discrimination in schools.

There are several reports online. I got the numbers above from a report on the Euro News site.

I truly don’t understand why some people feel they have a right to dictate the parameters of love and gender identity for other people. Why won’t they mind their own business, and live and let live?

OK, I know the answer to my questions, though it doesn’t make the discrimination any more acceptable. These forms of bigotry all over the world — i.e. homophobia, transphobia, hate — are being fuelled by religions, the very organizations that are supposed to be preaching love. They see their authority, their hold on society, slipping away, and they can’t accept that more and more people don’t buy their superstitious beliefs. So, some clergy members are taking to the streets with protesters, as witnessed in France during the recent protests against same-sex marriage.

And as witnessed in Georgia on Friday, where priests reportedly led thousands of anti-gay supporters and broke through police cordons to stop a gay rights rally, according to GMA News. This boggles the mind . . . Priests condoning violence, leading protests . . . What’s wrong with that picture?

For a more refreshing and inspiring view from clergypeople about LGBT people, read The Heartland Proclamation. Then answer my question in the preceding paragraph.