“Love has won out over hate,” said Montpellier mayor Helene Mandroux after French President Francois Hollande signed the same-sex marriage bill into law on Saturday. Still, homophobic hate and biogotry will continue to rear its ugly head in that country — and fuel violence — for a while yet, it appears.

France flagA rally against same-sex marriage is scheduled to be held on May 26. Reuters reports that the leader of the opposition movement, “a political activist and humorist who goes under the name of Frigide Barjot, has said the protest would draw millions into the streets.”

Hmm. Will millions turn out now to fight a lost cause? Somehow I think — and hope — Ms. Barjot is overestimating the depths of bigotry and homophobia and hate in that country, especially now that the law is a fait accompli. The same Reuters article points out that “polls showed more than half the country backed gay marriage.” So, I suspect that many of those millions Ms. Barjot is hoping will turn out probably have better things to do on a Sunday afternoon, like be with their loved ones and drink wine . . . yadda yadda yadda.

Previous articles have mentioned that some of the leaders of the opposition to same-sex marriage legislation in France have political ambitions of their own, and that Frigide Barjot says she has gay friends. So, one wonders about true motives . . .

Whatever the case, tourists would be well-advised to stay away on May 26 — come to Quebec, instead!