My g/f and I have been watching The L Word series over the past six months or so. I didn’t see it when it first aired on Showtime, but my g/f has it all on DVD, and we’re almost at the end of Season 5.

I’m finding that I can relate to so many of the characters in the show, which is a sign of good writing and acting. Every once in a while, though, my g/f tells me that I remind her of Jennifer Beals’ character, Bette. Which I take as a compliment, even if it isn’t meant that way.

True, I do relate to the Bette character at times, but if I were to choose a character on the show whose lifestyle most closely resembles mine, it would probably be that of Shane — given the trail of broken hearts I left behind before I finally settled down. At this point in the series, it looks like Shane has settled down, which parallels my life, because I have settled down, too — with my g/f.

Yes, I am hooked, on both The L Word and my g/f . . .