The Big Apple is a popular destination for many Quebecers, LGBT people among them. But LGBT people probably should take extra precautions when travelling to New York City these days. Violent crimes against LGBT people, particularly gay men, seem to be increasing there.

Says MSNBC: “22 bias-related crimes have been reported (this year), compared with just 13 during the same period last year, said Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly.”

Also on the MSNBC site: “Mark Carson, a 32-year-old gay man, was shot and killed early Saturday morning in Greenwich Village near the legendary Stonewall Inn, a popular establishment among the gay community where patrons famously clashed with police during a 1969 riot. Carson is the fifth New York City victim of anti-gay violence in just the last three weeks, though he is the first fatality.”

An arrest has been made in the case.

The New Yorker has a good commentary on it all by Richard Socarides, a longtime gay-rights advocate. He makes an interesting point and one I have made when talking about certain clergypeople and politicians who, wittingly or unwittingly, fuel anti-LGBT violence, particularly in France recently.

Writes Mr. Socarides:

“The people who commit hate crimes get the idea that their victims are fair targets from somewhere. The movement for gay rights may in fact have some “political power” behind it now . . . but gay Americans do not have equality, and they still can and are targeted for discrimination and violence every day, even on the streets of Greenwich Village.”

LGBT people, take note, and be careful in the Big Apple.