It’s a question I find myself asking these days. What would Jesus have said, and perhaps more important, what would he have done about the issue of same-sex relationships? While he may have disapproved (or may not), would he have led demonstrations through the streets of Paris and London, knowing full well that they would fuel violent attacks against gay people? Or would he have left the judging to God, and told everybody else to mind their own business?

And what about cases like that of Kaitlyn Hunt in Florida? Would he have sought to ruin a girl’s life over a puppy love friendship? Or would he have encouraged love and understanding, and forgiveness?

I know the answers to those questions. I was raised as a Christian, before moving on to Eastern religions and finally anchoring my spirituality with Theosophy. The underlying message of all great religions is the same, in one word: Love. Jesus never would have condoned bigotry and discrimination — violent or otherwise — against LGBTQ people. Those who do condone/support such actions and claim to represent Jesus are deluded. And one day, when they meet the white light at the end of the tunnel, they will know it, and see and feel the pain and hurt they caused here.