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Remember Frijide Barjot? She is/was the anti-gay marriage leader in France who organized and/or helped to organize the massive rallies in the streets, which in turn fuelled all sorts of homophobic violence against gay people there. Now, on the eve of another rally on Sunday that she swore would draw millions into the streets to protest against the recent passage of same-sex marriage legislation, she says she fears for her safety, according to a report on The Independent’s site.

Apparently, she has been receiving threatening phone calls and letters, including one with a red-stained handkerchief that she believes is blood, The Independent reports.

And who is doing the threatening? Well, according to her in the report, it’s “homophobes on the far right.”

She is now asking for police protection, the report says, and is considering boycotting the demo she organized for Sunday.

So, why are other people opposed to same-sex marriage, like she is, supposedly threatening her? Well, the report says, it’s all linked to the suicide of “ultra-nationalist and xenophobic writer Dominique Venner, 78,(who) shot himself on the altar of Notre Dame Cathedral on Tuesday, and was closely associated with Printemps Francais.”

The report says: “Barjot says she has become a hate figure for this disturbingly resurgent, violent ultra-right in France because she dismissed Venner’s action as “deranged” and “un-Catholic” and because she is “anti-gay marriage but not anti-gay”.”

Oy . . . such tangled webs she has woven, yes?

The writer of the article asks what any normal people using a teensy weensy bit of their brains would ask: “Is Barjot not simply reaping the whirlwind she has sown? Has she not, predictably, lost control of a movement that was never, at its core, as moderate, democratic or gay-friendly as she had insisted?”

She thinks not, saying:”These are people who want to divide France and to promote hatred,” she says.

Hmm . . . And she wasn’t promoting hatred before?

It looks like she has created a monster that is now out of her control and will even consume the person who created it . . . Sound familiar?