I’m impressed by the number and quality of blogs I am seeing on wordpress. There are a lot of good writers here. Score one for social media. We bloggers rock! So does WordPress!

I discovered something called WordAd on WordPress the other day. It seems bloggers can actually earn a few pesos by having ads on our sites. I’m intrigued by the idea because although I have been blogging since 2008 both here and on the Gazette site, I never earned anything for it. Blogging has been a labour of love for me.

I’m not opposed to the presence of ads in blogs. After all, my Gazette blog has them (even if I don’t benefit from them). And WordPress can — and does — put ads on blogs here. So, why not sign up for their WordAd program and earn a bit.

I’m interested in hearing from other bloggers here who are using WordAd. Is it working for you?