I wonder if Lord Carey, the former archbiship of Canterbury, honestly believes that the passage of same-sex marriage legislation in England could lead to “sibling marriage” and “polygamy.” A BBC article has this today: (Lord Carey) says he does not want to be “alarmist”, but (same-sex marriage) could logically be extended to “say, two sisters bringing up children together” or “multiple relationships, such as two women and one man”. “Ultimately, the proposed legalisation of same-sex marriage represents a paradigm shift in our understanding of marriage.”

I can’t see it, personally speaking. And I’m not sure how he comes to these conclusions, or if it is just a red herring. It’s not even worth debating. And that seems to be the response of others in Britain. Stonewall chief executive Ben Summerskill reportedly shrugged off Lord Carey’s comments with this: “This is regrettably hyperbolic shroud waving. We pray other peers will be a little more attuned to the 21st century during next week’s debate.” Others simply refused to comment about it at all.

As for the debate on same-sex marriage legislation in the House of Lords next week, it’s not looking good for passage. How sad it would be if England took a step backward into the Dark Ages while its greatest ally, the United States, is moving forward on the issue of civil rights and marriage equality.

Meanwhile, I am so proud of my own country, Canada, for resolving the issue, legalizing same-sex marriage and proving to the rest of the world that it doesn’t detract from heterosexual marriage one bit. And the sky hasn’t fallen here.

O Canada, glorious and free . . .