Aaah . . . the weekend is here, I’m with my darling Maggie, and it’s not snowing. It doesn’t get much better than this.

I’m reminded this morning that we should treasure every moment we have in the proverbial weekend days of wine and roses . . . and this post is really an excuse to talk about wines, and a particular red one I have been enjoying: Barefoot Zinfandel from California. Not that I am a wine critic, but this Barefoot has hints of cherry and other fruit, though is not really sweet . . . It’s just so yummy. And romantic. Yes, I would call it a romantic wine. And it’s not expensive at the SAQ (the Quebec liquor commission): a mere $10.25. I would pay more for it.

Maggie has fallen for a red wine made in Quebec called William, about $15 a bottle. Personally, I find it a little flat — it doesn’t have the same bite the Barefoot has. Tonight we will sip wine together and cuddle on the sofa, perhaps watching another episode of The L Word on DVD.

How about you? What are your favourite wines? Have you tried either of the two wines mentioned above? And what romantic wines would you recommend for two people who are in the midst of days of wine and roses?

Happy Saturday, dear friends!