I don’t follow many celebrity types on Twitter — I’m not a groupie. I did follow Cher and her son, Chaz, for a while. Cher tweets a lot, and I was interested to see what, if anything, she had to say about Chaz’s gender transition when it was all over the news. But I dropped them both from my Twitter account when all the fuss died down.

I do follow a couple of Hollywood celebrities now: actress Jennifer Beals, because I admire her poise, style and acting skills (particularly on The L Word). If I were to model myself after any woman, it would be her (and I think I am almost as glamorous as she is . . . giggles). Jennifer does tweet to her followers every once in a while, but like most celebrities, she can’t and doesn’t respond to all the individuals who tweet to her. Sometimes I will make an encouraging comment about something she tweets, but I don’t expect any sort of reply. I also follow another actress who played on The L Word, Pam Grier. She, too, tweets a lot, and I just like reading what she has to say and looking at some of the articles she points to.

That’s about it as far as celebrities go. I mean, I do follow some journalists and on-air media types in Montreal, but we journalists are not celebrities, especially in this day and age when everyone can take part in social media. I used to follow Kelly Hansen, lead singer of Foreigner, and I almost fainted when he responded to one of my tweets . . . sigh . . . But I dropped him later — I mean, he is a married man, after all, rock star or not. I also follow the Dalai Lama, who follows no one on Twitter but occasionally tweets pearls of wisdom. I don’t consider the Dalai Lama to be a celebrity, and I am sure he would be the last person on Earth to consider himself one. Indeed, I am sure he would say he is just a man, and a spirit in the material world.

How about you? Are you following any celebrities on Twitter? Who are your fave Twitterites?