There’s no doubt about it: Nudism/naturism is the most popular subject in this blog, according to the stats WordPress is providing for me. So, in the spirit of giving the people what they want, I will endeavour to do at least a few posts on the subject each week. LGBTQ issues don’t seem to be of huge interest to readers here, unlike my Gazette blog, but for those who are interested, I will continue to post on the subjects. And I’ll post on general Lifestyles subjects — because this is a Lifestyles blog.

As for Nudism/naturism, I plan to make another page, with link above the masthead, that will at the very least contain all the links to my posts on the subject, because I know how posts tend to get buried and lost here, especially when I am writing up to 60 a month. I’ll post some of my naturism photos, too.

Please remember that this blog is a branch of my Gazette blog, and was restarted for readers who no longer have access to the Gazette site.

Later . . .