I am impressed by both the quality and presentations of some of my readers’ blogs, though I may have to stop looking at them when I’m at work. As bloggers here know, WordPress stats have a Referrers section that shows links people used to get to your blog — which I sometimes click on. In this blog’s case, several of the links people are using are on Nudism/Naturism sites that are pointing to various posts here, which is cool — and appreciated. I hope to return the favours when I am better acquainted with the system here.

Several of the Nudism/Naturism sites, though, have photos of people in the buff, naturally, mostly in social situations. Which is fine by me — I have no problem with that. But some of the photos are very large and tend to be the first things that jump out at you when the pages load on your screen. Now, I know it’s not pornography, you know it’s not pornography, but a colleague — or boss — passing by my desk probably wouldn’t know it’s not pornography, and I’m not sure if they would buy my “I’m just doing some research” explanation.

So, I am thinking I had best do that type of research at home . . .

Meanwhile, I was quite struck by one photo I saw yesterday of a group of people in a garden setting, some sitting at a table, one standing and another reclining on a long, folding chair. It was very natural, a very pretty picture. I have to admit, though, that two of the people in the photo drew prolonged glances from me: a beautiful young woman and a handsome (read: hunk) young man. Yes, my bisexual nature was affected.

Of course, I didn’t ogle them or have sexual fantasies either then or afterward, but I couldn’t help but appreciate their natural beauty for a few seconds. Which reminded me of something a reader said here in the days before I made my public nudism debut: people do look. And I suppose they look more at the no-longer-private parts when it is a photo as opposed to when they are in a public setting. When I went to the Ottawa Naturists event, I, umm, barely looked at anyone below the neck. It was all about eye contact. But a naturism photo like the one I am talking about is a work of art; there was nothing lewd or pornographic about it. Still, it wasn’t on my screen for any more than, say, 5 or 6 seconds before I closed the window — and I won’t be going back for a second look at the photo.

Why not?

Well, I have never considered myself to be a prude, but I don’t want my interest in Nudism/Naturism to be sexual . . . and whether we admit it or not, we are all sexual beings. We can’t help but be affected sometimes by a beautiful woman and/or a handsome man.

Conclusion? I don’t have one for this post right now. I’m still thinking about this; I am a novice, after all. Your input is welcome.

I’ll talk more about this part of Nudism/Naturism another time.