Soooo . . . members of the Communists of Russia party are warning Elton John that he “should abandon his flamboyant stage costumes and opt for a more traditional Cossack wardrobe” — knee-length kaftan, knee-high leather boots, and a fur hat — when he performs in a gig there next month, the Toronto Sun (quoted here) and others are reporting.

According to the Toronto Sun article, local party leader Mikhail Abramyan said Elton’s “usual outfits are “homosexual propaganda” that could breach local laws where promoting homosexuality is a criminal offence.”

Sigh . . . Where do I begin with this . . . Let’s see now: when similar homophobes warned Madonna about speaking up for gay rights in Russia, she went ahead and did it anyway. Cause rockers like to rebel and thumb their noses at the system, ya know. Especially pathetic systems that oppress people and commit all sorts of human rights violations. So, is the Communists of Russia party so naive as to think Elton will toe the Cossack line, or are they just trying to turn this into an anti-gay propaganda event of their own?

One has to wonder, though, why Elton — who I don’t think wears flamboyant costumes at concerts anymore –would want to put with their nonsense and perform in Russia now. Maybe he’ll tell them to take a hike up the yellow brick road . . . or maybe he’ll dress in the most outrageously flamboyant costume he can find.

If the homophobes in Russia are so afraid of Western performers, why invite them there in the first place? I mean, Russian has plenty of its own international rock stars, yes? Such as . . . umm . . . er . . . hmm . . .