Good lord . . . In a ridiculous demonstration of homophobia, some masked flare-wielding protestor — angry about the legalization of same-sex marriage in France — interrupted a match at the French Open on Sunday by leaping out of the crowd and onto the tennis court. He was tackled by security and removed. The tournament director reportedly referred to the incident as “pathetic,” reports The Guardian, saying he didn’t want to talk about it anymore because he doesn’t want to give the anti-gay people any more publicity. Bravo for him . . . As for the protestor, what could he have thought his stunt would accomplish?

In another report (on CTV site), Prince Harry of England is being credited with coming to the aid of a gay squadmate who was being harassed and threatened by soldiers from another regiment because of his sexual orientation. Harry was the tank commander, and told the aggressors to back off or be disciplined. It sounds like Harry did his job well, but it is sad to see that homophobia still exists in the British armed forces. I wonder if it still exists in the Canadian armed forces?

Finally, The Telegraph is reporting that Buckingham Palace is being dragged into the same-sex marriage debate in England. Sigh . . . I’m sure the royals will skate around this one. It has something to do with a church in which gay marriage might be performed . . . or not. A spokeperson for the Queen has said it’s really a matter for Parliament and the government to figure out . . . Yawn . . . If you want the full story, read it on the Telegraph site . . .