Brrr! I tried to go skinnydipping today, but the water is freezing, much colder than it was last weekend when I did get to go for a swim. So, I waded in today up to my knees, and splish-splashed a bit, then sat on a towel by the lake and sunbathed. Still, it was nice to be au naturel in such a natural setting. I’m looking forward to a summer of naturist activities, including lots of swimming.

On another note: I’m still learning about my readership here compared to people who are reading my Gazette blog. Sure, some of the readers of the Gazette blog are now clicking in here. But, I am seeing a big difference in the types of posts that interest readers on each site. Take, for example, the post I did today about sex workers. I posted it on both sites: in the Gazette blog, it has drawn 634 views today. In this blog, it has drawn 39 views, 16 of them who clicked in from the Gazette site to see reader comments here. So, I have withdrawn the post here due to lack of reader interest.

So, I’m still settling in here. Of course I will still continue to cover the bigger LGBTQ stories around the world, because I know some of my Gazette readers who no longer have access to that site are interested.

And there will be lots of other stuff, too, including the most favourite subject of all here: Nudism/Naturism.