(Also posted in my Gazette blog)

Well, if ever tourists needed (another) reason to stay away from Russia, it would be the new anti-gay law being debated there. According to The Independent, “Russia’s parliament will debate a controversial law on Tuesday that could see people arrested for behaviour that is deemed to promote homosexuality. The bill provides for Russian citizens engaged in the “propaganda of non-traditional sexual orientation” to be fined, while foreigners could be arrested and immediately deported.”

Wow . . . What a scary place. You gotta wonder just how far the paranoia will go there: will they be arresting men wearing pink shirts and women wearing jeans and plaid shirts? Will two hetero gals or two hetero guys be able to share a hotel room to save expenses without fear of being thrown out of the country?

Hey, guys, beware high-fiving each other in the streets: they might think you’re holding hands. (But I digress.)

President Obama, please take note.