So, what should nations like Canada do when countries like Russia pass oppressive laws that marginalize some of its citizens, in this case the anti-gay law (see preceding post) passed by the lower house on Tuesday that stigmatizes gay people and punishes them? Should our government call for full economic boycott and sever all ties with the country? Should we send Russian ambassadors here back to their country and recall ours? Should we stop playing hockey with the Russians — after all, we have already proved our superiority in the sport. In short, we are light years ahead of Russia when it comes to human rights, hockey and in so many other ways.

Russia has chosen — along with countries like Uganda and Cameroon — to step back into the Middle Ages. So, should we hold our noses and do business with them as usual, or should we take a firm stand and sever all ties, much like the United States did with Cuba?

For discussion.

P.S. I am under no illusions:  no doubt, our politicians will do nothing. But what would you like them to do in protest, if anything?