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I must confess that Pope Francis’s ‘revelation’ that, yes, there is a gay lobby in the Vatican has left me yawning. He says the Cardinals will work on fixing it . . . yah, right. Like that will happen, eh? Anyway, does anyone, besides him, really care if sex-starved consenting priests pleasure each other? . . . Yawn . . . I would prefer they had sex with each other than commit crimes against kids. I wish the pope would address that issue.

Meanwhile, after reading so many boring news reports about the pope’s comments, I came across a report on the Queerty site that brought a smile to my face. Here’s a brief excerpt; read the full report by clicking on this link:

The scandal-plagued Vatican has had its fairy share of gay drama, more recently than usual; from the Pope’s Clooney-esque sexetary he’s purportedly living with to Cardinal O’Brien’s secret boyfriend and unwanted overtures to four male priests. Then of course there was the whole gay prostitute ring in 2010 and hidden camera video of priests having sex in bathhouses.

We’ll be damned (more than usual) if this gay lobby doesn’t sound like the only fun part of the Vatican. It’s no wonder everyone’s dragging their robes on this “reformation.”

At least somebody is having fun with this “news” story.