I received this email today from Travelzoo. If you’re planning to attend Pride events in Toronto or other places, check it out for possible deals on hotels, dinners and shows:

Good afternoon, Jillian,

Toronto’s Pride festival is famous for its energy, parties and celebration of courage, diversity and progress. This year’s Pride Week runs from June 21-30 and is expected to bring 1.2 million people from all over to wave their flags high and proud.

Travelzoo wants Canadians to join in the festivities without having to pay heightened prices for hotels, dinners and shows, and has scoped out some of the best gay-friendly deals for Toronto and beyond.

For those who can’t make it to Toronto, these lists also include deals available for other festival dates so everyone can join in the party, far and wide!

Please see below for the lists of deals for anyone wanting to celebrate diversity in Toronto and beyond.

Top 20 Deals

Even More Pride Deals

Happy Pride Week from Travelzoo!

Stephanie Woods