Well, I did get to go swimming on Sunday, but not skinnydipping — there were neighbours around and heaven forbid that they see my naked body. So, I wore my skimpy bikini.

Living in a country setting, as I do, is no guarantee that anyone can be au naturel when they choose. You always have to look around to be sure there is no one about who might take offence — and call the cops. I understand why naturists — especially city dwellers — feel frustrated by the lack of public sites for them to do their thing, and why they seize any opportunity to be in public settings with like-minded individuals. Hence, the popularity of swims organized by organizations at various swimming pools throughout the year.

Still, I’m thinking most nudists yearn for more natural settings, and it doesn’t look like governments are savvy enough to understand that and cash in on the increasing popularity of naturism. But what about private enterprise? What about the entrepreneurs always looking for new ways to make money? Is there any investment potential in nudism? What about those who are already in the business? Are they making any money? Or is it mainly a labour of love, lucky to break even?

Let’s hear from the capitalists among you.