True confession: I do love clothes. I am into fashion. OK, that is no major revelation: I’ve talked about it here before. But it occurred to me tonight that the reason why there are more men than women who are into nudism/naturism is because so many of us chicks like nice clothes. And there is a whole fashion industry out there devoted to us.

Whereas men have very little to choose from when it comes to wardrobe. No wonder so many guys areΒ  bored with clothes and opt for nudism . . . Smiles . . .

OK, I know it’s not that simple . . . that many women have body image issues because of the fashion industry.

But I do think that we women are more clothes-minded than men are, that we tend to embrace fashion, and perhaps that explains the disparity in the numbers of men and women who show up at public naturism sites.

Yea? Or nay?

Meanwhile, I am happy to be able to enjoy the best of both worlds. I love skinnydipping and sunbathing afterward in the buff. And I also love wearing heels and a nice, short dress that turns heads when I walk by. Smiles . . .