It was one of those dreamy summer days today . . . blue sky with a few puffy clouds now and then . . . hot, with a breeze. It was ideal for skinnydipping and nude sunbathing. Even my g/f  was inspired to remove all her clothes and take a dip in the lake, and then relax on the shore afterward. Neither of us felt the need to cover up when a woman paddled by in her kayak, barely giving us a glance. Smiles . . . (See how I worked the word “barely” in there).

Anyhooo, back up on the deck, we reclined with drinks. I gazed up at the cotton balls floating by, and it struck me how tiny we were against the sky. Then I thought about the NASA image of Earth on my blog page, with the moon in the background. I thought of how I might write a blog post leading with something like the following:


Image converted using ifftoany

Do you see yourself in this picture? No? I didn’t think so. Sure, we may very well be somewhere in that picture, but, let’s face it, we humans are like ants. We’re totally insignificant in the scheme of things in this corner of the universe. I would say “grand scheme of things,” except that the Earth itself  is merely a speck of dust in the vast ocean that is the universe, like the stars in the background. It really has a small, small, small part in the grand scheme of things, perhaps an infinitesimal part.

Then I thought, why do we human ants think our affairs are so significant that a “God” that fills the heavens and the Earth, i.e. the universe and all its different dimensions and planes, would give a hoot about things like, say, same-sex relationships here? I mean, would we human ants care if the ants in our gardens were engaged in same-sex relationships? Smiles . . . A ridiculous question on this hot evening, yes?

“Merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream . . .”

I hope you are all having a nice weekend.

Sweet dreams.