I understand the frustrations of apartment-dwelling nudists in densely populated city settings who don’t have public places nearby to go to in which to celebrate their naturism needs. Beyond commercial enterprises such as resorts and camping grounds,  or the occasional swim events put on by naturist organizations, it seems many nudists  really are condemned to wear clothes all the time beyond the walls of their homes, especially if they are living on tight budgets. They’re trapped in a textile world.

So,  how do we liberate them, the rebel in me cries out. While governments have all kinds of programs and social services in place to help liberate other people, I doubt that they are giving naturists any thought at all. Should they be? Should the desire to get back to the basics of naturism outdoors be recognized by governments as a social need, as opposed to a recreation? Though, even if one does view naturism simply as recreation, governments have all kinds of recreations programs in place.

Perhaps the organizations that represent naturists need to do more to demonstrate to governments that nudism is more than simply recreation, that it is a genuine psychological need, and that if nudists are denied the opportunities to express themselves in adequate settings, they could suffer from depression and other things.

Perhaps naturists and their organizations need to be more proactive. Perhaps they need to make more noise. Yes?