In an earlier post, I asked LGBT activists in the United States to give Alec Baldwin a break. You may recall that some LGBT people and supporters are urging a credit card company to drop Alec as a spokesperson because they are upset with some apparent “homophobic” tweets he made. He was firing back at a journalist who wrote something negative about Alec’s wife. And Alec apologized through GLAAD for his hotheaded tweets. Hey, you really don’t need a lot of compassion in your soul to understand a person standing up for his or her partner. If ever there was a case in which people should forgive and forget, it’s that one — especially given Alec’s apology.

But what about those who really mean what they say in their attacks against LGBT people, and are unapologetic afterward? How should we respond when they cry out for “tolerance”?

LGBT site Towleroad has an interesting article looking at how some advocates are responding to writer Orson Scott Card’s “plea for tolerance.” In short: they are not buying it.

To recap: Filmgoers are being urged to boycott the upcoming sci-fi movie Ender’s Game (and any related products), which is based on a book by Card. Apparently, Card has been a vocal opponent of same-sex marriage for a long time and serves as a board member on anti-gay-marriage organization NOM. Now, Card is saying that in light of the recent historic Supreme Court decision in the United States, the same-sex marriage issue is moot, and that the LGBT community should show him some tolerance. I haven’t seen an apology in his statement, printed by several media outlets, or a change in his views.

Personally, I have never read anything by Card, and have never had any plans to. I wouldn’t have gone to see the movie, anyway — but I would boycott it and his books now in light of his anti-gay views.

But I’m not so sure that the issue is about “tolerance.” I think it is more about consumers boycotting products related to an individual they find offensive. It’s the same reason why, say, a vegetarian would boycott a steakhouse, even if it serves good salads as well.


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