(This was posted in my Gazette blog, as are most of the posts appearing here. To recap: this blog was kickstarted for my readers outside of Quebec who now have limited access to the Gazette site since the paywall was started there.)

Think what you will about Parti Québécois language policies — and now is not the time to be talking about them — Quebec is blessed to have a very compassionate premier. One only has to look at the photos of Premier Pauline Marois’s presence in Lac-Mégantic since the terrible train disaster last Saturday to see that. And as a Gazette editorial says, “During the aftermath of the Lac-Mégantic disaster, (Premier Marois) has risen to the occasion in a manner that does her and her administration great credit, as much for the restraint she has shown as the actions she has taken.”

As regular readers might remember, I was first struck by Madame Marois’s compassion when I had to post news photos from the funeral of the election-night shooting victim, Denis Blanchette. I will never forget the images of Madame Marois  comforting Ginette Jean, the mother of Denis Blanchette, at the funeral on that sad day in September 2012.

And now Madame Marois is once again comforting people, in her own compassionate hands-on way. The images speak for themselves. I can’t ever remember seeing a politician embrace and comfort people the way she does.


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