I was strolling down the boulevard the other day when I crossed paths with an elderly gentleman walking his dog. It was a well-manicured, pampered poodle on a relatively short leash. It seemed to eye me suspiciously for a moment, then started to bark at me. I cast a quizzical look at the gentleman: “What’s up with your pooch?” I asked him.

“Oh, pay no mind to her, ma’am. She gets like that sometimes. She likes to boss people around,” the gentleman said with a laugh. “Makes her feel important.”

Hmm . . . I had a good mind, well, not so good, actually, to get down on all fours and bark right back at the dog. Yes, I can get a little reckless at times, kind of like Janis or Jim, ya know, thumbing my nose at the world. But good sense prevailed: I decided that I didn’t want to stoop to the dog’s level, and I didn’t want to get dirty. Because, you know, crawling around on the sidewalk always makes you feel dirty afterward, yes?

So, I blew the dog a kiss, which by now had stopped barking, smiled at its master, and continued down the boulevard . . .

Groovy, eh?

Peace and love,