I liked Jeffrey Tabor in the old Gary Shandling Show. Remember that one? Gary used to address the camera, often with “How’s my hair?” Jeffrey was his sidekick, and they made a great team.

In truth, I don’t watch much television anymore, a couple of hours here and there, so I haven’t seen Jeffrey in ages. But I will try to catch him in what is being called the Amazon pilot for Transparent, in which Jeffrey will play a transgender MtF person who comes out late in life to his three adult offspring.

I don’t know if anyone is concerned about a “non-transgender” person playing the role, but I’m not. Actors should be able to play any role. I’m betting Jeffrey will do a good job, provided the script is up to speed.

True confession 1: I have some episodes of the Gary Shandling Show on VHS tapes — and I still have a VCR!

True confession 2: I had to ask a colleague what Amazon is: “Online streaming . . . yadda yadda yadda.”

On another note: I have noticed in some reports that writers are using the word “transgender” as a noun. It’s never supposed to be used as a noun; the word is an adjective, as in “a transgender person.”