The CBC has a report on — and press release from — the REAL Women organization’s response to the controversy that erupted last week over the group’s comments about Foreign Minister John Baird sending taxpayers’ money to “homosexual groups” in Uganda and Canada’s policy of decrying human rights violations in both Uganda and Russia.

The group is saying in its release, according to CBC, that:

In the controversy that has arisen in regard to REAL Women’s criticism of Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, some significant points have been omitted from the discussion and it fails to report accurately our views. REAL Women deplores the persecution of homosexuals and the jailing of individuals because of their orientation. This is not a newly minted policy. It was stated in our publication “Reality” – November, December, 2012: “Reasonable people would agree that homosexuals should not be tortured, jailed or killed merely because of their sexual orientation.”

You can read the whole report on the CBC site.