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Think what you will about the REAL Women of Canada organization, but they at least took a step in the right direction on Tuesday and did the responsible thing by clarifying their position and reiterating that they “deplore the persecution of homosexuals and the jailing of individuals because of their orientation.”

It’s far more than what many Christian organizations are doing today. I often wonder about the silence of Christian leaders when it comes to persecution of LGBT people around the world. Why aren’t they speaking up and condemning countries that punish people because of their sexual orientation and gender identity? Why aren’t they telling leaders of countries like Uganda and Cameroon and even Russia that persecuting people is not the true Christian way? Jesus would no doubt have been appalled by their silence. Sadly, the silence of so many Christian leaders and their flocks about the persecution of LGBT people suggests that they, in fact, condone the persecution.

Perhaps LGBT people shouldn’t take it quite so personally if a bunch of dimwitted fundamentalists would like to see them thrown to the proverbial lions. Some religionists push the Armageddon agenda, in which they pray daily for the massacre of the vast majority of the human race, i.e. anybody outside of their religion. They raise their kids with this exclusionary, hateful drivel. They want their god to kill billions of people who don’t adhere to their faith, who don’t share their superstitious, primitive, exclusionary beliefs.

The REAL Women group’s press release on Tuesday expressed concern that “those who have faith-based beliefs or hold traditional values, are not permitted to express or act on their values.” I respectfully disagree with that — I don’t think Christians are being restricted all that much in their opinions. Christians can still raise their children to hate everybody who is not like them. Nobody is passing any anti-Christian propaganda laws.

The only thing LGBT people and their supporters ask of Christians is to stop trying to deny them equal rights, and to stop bullying them in myriad ways, including the use of such terms as “the homosexual agenda.”

Unfortunately, too many Christians who are expressing and acting on their values by condemning homosexuality are, perhaps unwittingly, fuelling bigotry, discrimination and persecution of LGBT people. Exhibit A: The recent mass demonstrations against same-sex marriage in France led by Christian leaders that left gay men beaten and, in one case, murdered. Did those leaders not know that whipping people into homophobic frenzies would lead to violence against gay people? Those Christians have blood on their hands.

If Christians truly believe that LGBT people should not be persecuted, then they must speak up, as the REAL Women’s group did on Tuesday. If they don’t speak up, then we can only assume that they do, in fact, condone the persecution of LGBT people.

It is the duty of all Christians to promote brotherly love. So, Christians, speak out. Make it clear to the world that Christians do not support the persecution of LGBT people.

And, to expand on a phrase by Alice Bailey, let harmlessness in thoughts and deeds be the keynote and guiding light of your lives.