Add St. John’s, Newfoundland, to the places where homophobia has reared its ugly head recently. and other sites have a report about a gay man, Pattrick Blackburn, who was beaten and left for dead by a group of bigots/criminals last week.

Reports Ishmael N. Daro: “The assault in St. John’s was completely unprovoked, and Blackburn needed a blood transfusion and 18 stitches following a savage beating at the hands of assailants he has no recollection of. If not for a co-worker who discovered Blackburn unconscious at the side of the road, he would very likely have died.”

Blackburn was also robbed.

The article goes on to say: “The LGBT group Queer Ottawa is conducting a fundraiser for Blackburn to help ease any financial stress he experiences as a result of the incident. He says he can certainly use the time off, but that his friends have helped get him through the ordeal.”

We like to think of Canada as a tolerant country that welcomes everyone, but it is clearly not the case, as reports from out West, Kingston (Ontario) and now St. John’s are showing.

Meanwhile, if you are thinking of vacationing in St. John’s, be careful.