Thailand may become the first Southeast Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage, as early as next year, according to a report on a site called ABS

But trans activists are pointing to a problem with the plan, according to the report: “The law would force (trans people) to register their birth gender on their marriage certificate. Thai law makes it impossible for people to change their gender on a national identification document.”

Which is surprising to me, given that many people from around the world go to Thailand for their sexual reassignment surgery, and the paperwork provided by surgeons in that country is good enough for people to change gender designations when they get back home.

Perhaps legislators in Thailand will change the gender rules, too — with encouragement from LGBT groups there.

Meanwhile, homophobia is a problem in that country, according to the report, especially against lesbians. The report says “many Thai Buddhists believe homosexuality is a punishment for sins committed in a past life.”

Hmm . . . I have serious doubts that Buddhists would actually believe that, considering that karma is not “a punishment for sins”  — as any good Buddhist would know. Just sayin’ . . . (Read more about the Buddhist view of karma here.)