So, predictably, there is much ado in the media about federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s admission that he has smoked pot.

Yawn . . . Yes, these are the dog days of summer in Canada, eh?

Some people are asking if the admission will help him — or hurt him — at the polls. Some are asking if the admission was a spontaneous slip of the tongue or a calculated move (my bet is on the latter).

My thoughts, as one voter who will be voting for Justin and his party in the next federal election: Who really gives a hoot if Justin has smoked pot?! I mean, haven’t most people smoked pot? Certainly, the vast majority of m-m-m-m-my generation — the kids who grew up in the 1960s and ’70s — smoked pot, and lots of it. We smoked, and dropped, a lot of other stuff, too. Yet most of us went on to be respectable tax-paying citizens — and voters.

Actually, I would prefer to have politicians in Ottawa who have smoked pot and are honest enough to admit it. And who support the legalization of marijuana. And I think Justin and company might just get the job done.

Not that it makes much difference to me: I last had some pot in 2008 (passed to me at a party, you know), and hashish many years before that (passed to me at a party, you know), and psychedelics many, many years before that (passed to me at a love-in, you know). I don’t think the pot of today — i.e. stinky hydroponic skunk and the like — is as nice as the sweet-smelling California and Mexican pot that was around when the Woodstock generation was flying eight miles high. The pot in those days made you giggle, feel all peace ‘n’ love, you know. It made you feel light and groovy. It made you want to pick up a guitar and sing protest songs against the Vietnam War and the military establishment. It made you “dream you saw bomber jets turning into butterflies above our nation.” It made you yearn to get back to the garden, you know . . .Today’s pot is nothing like it: it’s heavy, more like a beer buzz . . . And it smells awful.

So, if Justin and company do legalize pot, I hope they can do something about restoring it to its former glory as well. I still won’t smoke it, though — bad for the lungs, you know. But I know a great recipe . . .

Smiles . . .

In the spirit of the day, here is a link to a YouTube video of Arlo Guthrie doing his Marijuana song at Woodstock . . . “Comin’ into Los Angeleeze, bringing in a couple of keys . . .”

I wonder if Justin plays guitar?

Have a great weekend, everyone.