I sometimes think I incarnated during this era to witness — and experience — the musical explosion of rock ‘n’ roll. There has been so much great music that has knocked my socks off since The Beatles sang She Loves You (ya, ya, ya)  the first time.

But if I had to pick one album, one band, that had the most influence on me, musically speaking, it would be Led Zeppelin’s debut album. I was a teen Led Zeppelin 1working a summer job in Iqaluit — then known simply as Frobisher Bay — when I heard Zep’s album on the local radio station, a CBC outlet. There was a British DJ in the station spinning disks. (The CBC used to — and perhaps still does — send young recruits to northern communities to learn the trade.) Well, the music struck a proverbial chord in my soul and knocked my aforementioned socks off, so I went to the station and talked to the DJ, who showed me the album and then, much to my delight, told me I could find it for sale at the local trading post. So, off I went, bought the album, and played it all summer . . . and well beyond, to this day, in fact.

It was a seminal album for Zep, a seminal album for me. It still moves me like no other album.

I have a Zep T-shirt that says, on the back: “And on the eighth day God created Led Zeppelin.”

Indeed. ZEP RULES!!

How about you? Which album — pick one only — has been the most influential album in your life? Which one would you take if you were sentenced to live alone on a desert island?