“So you’re a nudist,” someone asked me recently.

“Isn’t everybody?” I replied.

I mean, underneath the clothes we wear, we’re all naked, right? When we shower or take a bath, we’re naked. Some of us sleep in the buff. And I’ve never heard of any newborns emerging with clothes on. The fashion industry has yet to find a way to reach inside the womb.

But what about when we die? How many nudists suffer the final indignity of being clothed in their coffins? OK, they probably won’t care whether they’re clothed or not, unless they are floating in their astral bodies — presumably, stark naked — watching the proceedings at their funerals.

I wonder how many nudists leave instructions to bury them (or cremate them) naked? And how many choose to have their earthly vessels, i.e. corpses, put on display naked?

I mean, if it’s one’s last wishes, don’t families and funeral homes have to comply?

What a great way for a nudist/naturist to check out!