You know what they say about people who live in glass houses . . . and there is no bigger glass house in this world than the Catholic Church.

A statement by Peru’s Catholic leader reportedly hits below the proverbial belt by outing a politician in that country who has introduced legislation for civil unions for same-sex couples.

Reports BuzzFeed:

The struggle over LGBT rights in Peru has taken an ugly personal turn, with the leader of the country’s Catholic Church accusing a popular politician of pushing for civil union legislation in order to “justify his [sexual] orientation.” Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani, leader of Peru’s Catholic church, slammed congressman Carlos Bruce’s decision to introduce the legislation on Thursday, along with other members of his legislative bloc. “It doesn’t seem to me that we have named congressmen in order to justify their own [sexual] preference,” Cardinal Cipriani said during a Saturday TV appearance on RPP Noticias.

It’s not the first time professed holier-than-thou people in various countries have taken shots at politicians’ sexual orientation, only to see those shots backfire. Carlos Bruce is, apparently, very popular in Peru, and the cardinal’s comments will probably be seen for what they are by most people.

As for Carlos Bruce, he took the high road in his response to the cardinal’s statement, saying: “I regret that … [the cardinal] is bringing up personal matters…. I will not answer such vileness.”

Vileness, indeed, from a leading member of a global organization rocked by the vile deeds committed by many of its clergymen against so many innocent people (see New York Times page, Roman Catholic Church Sex Abuse Cases). It has little credibility anymore . . .