I’ve been very busy on my Gazette blog recently, doing more posts there than here. I’ve learned that I pretty much have two audiences, and that what is popular there may not be popular here. It’s a learning process. Still, there are a fair number of double-postings — that is, posts that appear in both blogs.

One post that has struck a nerve on the Gazette site is one I simply referred this blog’s readers to: Charter of Quebec Values: Religious groups already divided.

To recap for international readers: the Quebec government has proposed legislation that would prohibit employees of public institutions from wearing religious symbols in the workplace, with the exception of small crucifixes and stars of David. It’s very controversial, and is drawing a lot of protest. Muslim groups led a multicultural and multi-faith protest rally last Saturday, and at least one prominent Jewish organization refused to participate.

I did a post pointing out how religious groups are divided, and I wondered if people from the LGBTQ communities would be welcome to participate. I have pointed out many times in previous posts how some religious groups discriminate against LGBTQ people around the world — it’s no secret.

Anyhow, a Muslim organization from Ottawa — in the neighbouring province of Ontario — wrote a letter to the editor about my post, pointing out that there are many spiritual LGBTQ people and that they are welcome there.

It inspired me to write another post calling on religious organizations in Quebec that welcome LGBTQ people to drop me a line at the Gazette with the details, links etc., and I would post about them.

So far, I haven’t heard from any of them, but it is early yet.

I’m wondering tonight how many religious groups would be willing to publicly declare that LGBTQ people are welcome in their religious institutions.

We shall see . . . There seems to be a fair bit of interest in the post — it has been tweeted about 24 times since I posted it around 5:30 p.m.

Will keep you posted.