I often hear nudists/naturists say that their partners aren’t interested in the subject and refuse to participate in social nudism events. Though, I haven’t heard of any couples separating over the issue.  Mostly, the aforementioned naturists go alone to the various social events put on by naturist organizations, or to the beach or wherever.

In my case, my g/f is not into the social nudism scene, but she does participate with me, and perhaps a guest, at our home in the country on warm summer days. She accompanies me to Ottawa, where I am a member of the Ottawa Naturists group. But she won’t actually go to their social events. It’s not a big deal in our relationship — we both have a “live and let live” attitude about things.

How about my readers who are into nudism/naturism . . . Is your partner into it, too? If not, is it an issue in your relationship?