The International Olympic Committee has announced that Russia’s “homosexual propaganda” legislation is not violating the anti-discrimination policies of the Olympic Charter, several sources are reporting. In other words, the IOC has no legal grounds to pull the Winter Olympics out of Sochi in February.

But you have to think that Russia’s anti-gay policy is a recipe for discord at the Olympic Games, and will divert attention from the athletes. LGBT activists in that country will probably be very proactive — and you can expect to see arrests, such as those that took place this week.

Reports Sky News on Sept. 25:

Russian police have arrested gay rights activists protesting outside the country’s winter Olympics headquarters in Moscow.

The campaigners were attempting to stage a gay pride event in the capital as an International Olympic Committee (IOC) delegation began its final inspection of games facilities in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, where the games are due to be held next year.

Demonstrations have apparently been banned in the area around the Games for three months. Right . . . Dream on, Mother Russia.

Meanwhile, I suspect there will also be boycotts by advertisers, of advertisers’ products, and by TV viewers as well.

Sadly, the keynote of these Games will be disharmony.


Let harmlessness be the keynote of your life.
— Alice Bailey