Well, it probably comes as no surprise that a competitor to the Barilla pasta company is taking advantage of chairman Guido Barilla’s embarrassing statement the other day. Reports The Guardian:

Spaghetti wars have broken out in Italy as rivals of the world’s leading pasta-maker were this weekend taking full advantage of a row over homophobia to promote their own pro-gay credentials.

Bertolli Germany has been posting pro-gay imagery on its social media feeds, pushing the slogan “Love and pasta for all” and encouraging the re-emergence of a 2009 advert that featured a male customer in a pasta restaurant falling for a handsome waiter.

“We just wanted to spread the news that Bertolli welcomes everyone, especially those with an empty stomach,” said a spokesman for Bertolli’s social media agency.

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Here’s Bertolli’s 2009 advertisement on YouTube (34 seconds):