As I scroll through my google feed of “news articles” on LGBT issues, I’m wondering why we, in traditional, alternative and social media, give so much attention to the rantings of some religious fundamentalists who seek to impose their superstitious beliefs on people and deny them equal rights as citizens.

No, I’m not going to mention their names, because that is what they want: publicity. And that would defeat the whole purpose of this post, which is to urge everyone to ignore these nutcases. Sure, they are entitled to their opinions, but we don’t have to run headlines about them. Maybe if we stop trumpeting their views, they’ll slink off to their caves . . .

Of course, I am not suggesting we ignore people who have real political influence in places like the United States and Russia, where some politicians are nothing but big bullies. But American evangelists who say stupid things on Internet radio that have no influence in the grand scheme of things? Why do we need to report on them?

We shouldn’t be that desperate for web hits. Let’s show some discretion, and ignore the antiquated religious folks who never got — or didn’t understand — the message in the song The Times They Are a-Changin’.