I suppose it is no surprise to anyone that Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven was voted the top rock song of all time by CHOM-FM listeners this past long weekend. It’s hard to argue with that choice, and it’s obvious that its success has spanned generations, considering that so many of the people who bought the album when it was first released are now sitting in rocking chairs listening to the CBC.

“You still listening to CHOM,” one former colleague asked me incredulously. “I haven’t listened to that station since my CEGEP days.” (Which would be some 40 years ago, I’m guessing.)

Yes, I still listen to CHOM, and will till the end . . .

As for Stairway, it’s one of those songs that few, if any, rock bands would dare to cover. I mean, how can you improve upon a masterpiece? It would be like trying to touch up the Mona Lisa . . . it can’t be done. (Heart’s version in tribute to Zep last year made me cringe and, not surprisingly, is getting no airplay anymore.)

Though, I would love to hear what Loreena McKennitt might do with Stairway to Heaven if she covered it. I think she could work some magic with her Celtic and Middle Eastern influences . . .