I was happy to see Remembrance Day poppies for sale at the checkout counter of a pharmacy today in Ste-Adele. I can’t remember ever seeing poppy donation boxes at the counter of any commercial establishments I’ve shopped at in Quebec before — whereas in Ontario, many gas stations and grocery stores etc. have them for sale at the counter.

In the past, I’ve been buying Remembrance Day poppies from WWII veterans standing in the street or in various grocery stores. But last year, I didn’t see any vets selling them in my neck of the shopping world.  I finally managed to buy one the day before Remembrance Day from a gentleman on Ste-Catherine St. in Montreal, who was just about to call it a day. He pinned the poppy to my dress, and thanked me — and I thanked him.

I suspect there aren’t that many able-bodied WWII vets available to sell poppies these days . . .

Whatever the case, I was glad to buy one today — even if it wasn’t directly from a veteran — in remembrance of those who have stood up for our freedom, and for those who continue to do so. We can never repay them, but we can thank them by wearing poppies . . . It’s a small gesture, but it means so much.