Good news today out of the United States that the Senate passed ENDA, legislation outlawing workplace discrimination against gay, bisexual and transgender Americans. Now it is on to the House, where it is not expected to pass, but  President Barack Obama would probably act unilaterally and issue an executive order on it, anyway.

Not so good news is the way the Associated Press reported it, as witnessed in their headline on our news wire: “U.S. Senate passes gay rights bill barring workplace discrimination”

Hmm . . . seems like someone at AP thinks the word “gay” is an umbrella term covering bisexual and transgender people, too. Sadly, that headline, and all the “gay” references in the copy, will probably appear in hundreds of publications around the world that run AP stories.

News bulletin to the reporters and editors involved: “Gay” is not an umbrella term for all LGBT people. Most bisexuals are, well, bisexual. Some transgender people may be gay, but some are bisexual, and some are heterosexual.

Reporters and editors need to get this right, because you could create unwise and incorrect stereotypes.

Maybe GLAAD should be speaking up about this?