A statement in a newscast the other day got me to thinking about the whole ritual of the handshake. It seems a veteran on Remembrance Day refused to shake hands with embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, presumably because he doesn’t respect Mr. Ford. I suppose the idea of touching the hand of someone who has, shudders, smoked dope and chugged copious amounts of alcohol is just too revolting for some.

But it’s a wonder that the handshake still exists as a ritual or even became a ritual at all. I mean, think about the bare facts, about what the hand you are shaking touches on a regular basis on both functional and self-serving sensual levels, perhaps just moments before in the washroom. Then there is the germ factor, i.e. flu bugs and cold viruses.

I’m not suggesting that people stop shaking hands, but I have to wonder why shaking the hand of Rob Ford might be any different than shaking the hand of, say, a stranger introduced to you by a friend.

Just sayin’ . . .