Dear Santa,

I’ve been a (mostly) good girl this year . . . soooo, I’m hoping my Christmas present from you will be an all-expense-paid trip for my g/f and me to The Dinah in Palm Springs, California, in April.

I wrote about The Dinah in my Gazette blog last March, after watching an episode of The L Word that had the cast attending the event. I wrote then: The event … lasts for four days, and “gathers tens of thousands of women from all over the world in one sunny and warm place to drink … and swap social and political ideas.” And party! Says the article: “Since its foundation, the LGBT community has defined the Dinah Shore Weekend by its daily, all-day long, outdoor pool party — and music festival — featuring the LGBT community’s hottest DJs, dancers and bands.”

Yesterday, I heard from the PR director of the event, who has offered me a press pass to all the events in April.

So, Santa, I just need the airplane tickets and hotel room.

I promise to be a (mostly) good girl next year, too. And I will sit on your knee and give you a peck on the cheek when you come sliding down my chimney this Christmas, if you want. (Yes, of course you would!)

Smiles innocently . . .